determine if cluster group is running on current node

How to determine if a particular cluster group is running on the current node:
mygroup=name of cluster group
cluster group mygroup /status | findstr /i "%computername%"
if %errorlevel%==0 echo Yes group is running on this node

System error 997 trying to online application in cluster

I got error 997, overlapped io operation bringing a generic application online in Windows 2000 cluster:

cluster.exe is the command line tool to administer a Windows cluster (NT,2000,2003). See cluster /? for options.

C:\>cluster resource solitaire /offline
Taking resource 'solitaire' offline...

Resource Group Node Status
---------- ---------- ------ ----------
solitaire CluGrp Node1 Offline

C:\>cluster resource solitaire /online

Bringing resource 'solitaire' online...

System error 997 has occurred.
Overlapped I/O operation is in progress.

Error Message: System Error 997 Has Occurred -- http://support.microsoft.com/kb/248408

solution: use the /wait switch see below:

C:\>cluster resource solitaire /online /wait:2

Bringing resource 'solit' online...

Resource Group Node Status

--------- ------ ----- -------
solitaire CluGrp Node1 Online


Epic Client communications registry settings

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Epic Systems Corporation\EpicEComm]

usr8022 and dwl-G132 won't connect

usr8022 and dwl-G132:

G132 sees access point, but won't associate or connect to it.

blank password.

wireless tab --  Change basic rate to 1-2-5.5-11(mbps)  instead of 1-2-5.5-11-22(Mbps)

must reboot router  tools tab --  reboot

possibly:  (seemed to work either way)

using D-Link ariplus xtremeG wireless utility, under advanced change the frequency from 802.11b/g-2.4GHz  to 802.11b-2.4GHz


accesskey attribute on html tags


create keyboard shortcuts for html forms, links and other elements....


DHCP Client service and Dynamic DNS relationship

Today I couldn't ping, nslookup or connect to a server.  Others in my team could ping and connect, they were resolving the server name via WINS.  I don't have any WINS servers listed in my TCPIP config.  So I decided to check on the server:
C:\>ipconfig /registerdns
Windows 2000 IP Configuration
Error: The system cannot find the file specified.
: Refreshing DNS names
--- The DHCP Client service was disabled.  DHCP Client service is responsible for registering the hostname in a Dynamic DNS environment.
Changed the startup type to Automatic, started the DHCP Client service, and re-ran the ipconfig /registerdns  command.
See: Dynamic DNS updates do not work if the DHCP client service stops  -  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/264539