speed up Windows XP for benchmarking

For benchmarking, and to force background processing of idle tasks:
rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks



pipe standard error with standard output

With the posix shell (maybe other shells like korn), to pipe not only standard output, stdout, but also standard error, stderr, use the following:

first_command 2>&1 |  next_command_in pipe

See the following:  http://www.linuxdevcenter.com/pub/a/linux/lpt/13_01.html

HP-UX EMS alerts with EMC

See the following email thread:

In HPUX, if you get serious severity alerts coming from disk_em EMS monitor on EMC disks/luns, it's because the version of OnlineDiags does not work with EMC LUNs that identify themselves as using HP03 firmware.  Can be fixed by adding the hardware paths to the EMC array in: /var/stm/data/tools/monitor/disabled_instances  like this:
Then run 'monconfig' and select 'enable monitoring' to re-read the config file.


trouble viewing EMC LUNs on HP-UX

On HPUX, using EMC Clariion CX700 and powerpath, if you can't see the LUNs just created by a storage administrator, then do the following:

/etc/ioscan -f
/etc/insf -eC disk
/sbin/powermt config
/sbin/powermt set policy=co
/sbin/powermt save
/sbin/powermt display dev=all

here's a very thorough version:
/etc/ioscan -f
/etc/insf -eC disk
/sbin/init.d/agent stop
/sbin/init.d/agent start
/opt/Navisphere/bin/navicli register
/sbin/powermt config
/sbin/powermt set policy=co
/sbin/powermt check
/sbin/powermt save
/sbin/powermt display dev=all

in some cases you may have to delete the /etc/powermt.custom before doing the powermt config command.....


error starting stm in HPUX

HP-UX 11.00 error when starting stm:

-- Error --
The UUT status file
(/var/tmp/stm27188/servername.domain.com/data/uut_status) representing the new device map from the Unit Under Test (UUT) could not be successfully loaded into memory.  The most recent device map for the Unit Under Test (UUT) could not be built successfully.  This means operations apparently available, based on this old map, may not be, and might fail. Please refer to the Map Log and/or the System Activity Log on that system for more details.

-- Information --
Aborting all open command files.

Solution: restart diagnostic daemons:
/sbin/init.d/diagnostic stop
/sbin/init.d/diagnostic start