difference between autoboot and autostart flags on HP 9000 hardware

difference between autoboot, and autostart flags in the PDC, BCH menu:

From: http://docs.hp.com/en/A7137-96003/A7137-96003.pdf (rp3410 rp3440 operations guide)

When the autostart flag is off, autoboots will be interrupted if a configuration change occurs
which causes reduced performance; thus requiring you to intervene prior to booting to the
internal system loader (ISL).
The auto boot will halt at the BCH prompt and you may continue booting by entering boot.


cron - run command last day of month

Solves the problem of running a script on the last day of the month. Put 28-31 (for days) in your crontab and put this little section in for date determination.


if test `TZ=MET-24 date +%d` = 01
exec command
exit 1

pseudo swap on HPUX

explanation of pseudo swap in hp-ux:


gmail macros

Great keyboard navigation inside gmail using a greasemonkey script.: http://persistent.info/ do a search for gmail macros (or christmas)

Here's a google group that tracks the script and has some enhanced versions: http://groups-beta.google.com/group/gmail-power-users