how to install apk on andriod device

beside using a file explorer or something like that to install and apk, here's a free user friendly service to install an apk:

archived versions of Flash player for Android

Since it's no longer available via google play/andrioid market -- Archived versions of Flash Player for Android (and others):  http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/archived-flash-player-versions.html

c7000 enclosure health degraded

if you see this in the OA system log: Kernel: Communication to an I2C device was lost temporarily, retrying...
but then you only see the enclosure health was "degraded" but nothing pointing to anything specific.
then you probably have a bad interconnect.  Try transitioning from Active to Standby OAs and the bad interconnect might show itself.

watch hulu on android by editing flash library via app

watch hulu by editing (automatically via app) the flash libraries to make it appear that the flash player is windows


find the destination for DFS shares

find destination of DFS server/share name:
dfscmd /view \\domain\DFSshare /full
dfscmd *might* be from the support tools