ssh doesn't work after ignite recovery

ssh connections have errors after doing an ignite recovery. If the
following shows up in syslog:
sshd[14702]: error: openpty: No such file or directory
sshd[14704]: error: session_pty_req: session 0 alloc failed

check another server with ssh working using lsof and you'll find
/dev/ptmx reference:
sshd 22391 root 7u STR 156,0 0t41177 2935 /dev/ptmx->ptm

re-create the device file using mknod to this:
crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 72 0x00009c Nov 27 04:23 /dev/ptmx

Also /dev/klog was missing (as seen in syslog) after the ignite recovery:
crw------- 1 bin bin 189 0x000000 Dec 22 2010 /dev/klog


Rosetta stone for unix OS

compare commands from different unix OSs:


headless ubuntu / linux

if you are running a headless ubuntu / linux server and have no remote
console at all and it's important for the OS to boot without requiring
interaction make sure you do this:


set GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOUT=2 (or whatever timeout you want). and of
course, run update-grub.

This will prevent it from sitting / hanging at the grub menu because
of a power failure or whatever.....


avio_stor and avio_lan on hpvm guest

slow network performance was fixed by changing the adapter type from
lan to avio_lan.

Here's a quick way to do it:

## where 0,0 is the bus,dev (found from hpvmstatus –P $vm_name )of
the disks -- may list multiple -m

hpvmmodify -P VM -m hba:avio_stor:0,0

## where 0,1 is the bus,dev (found from hpvmstatus -P $vm_name) and
lan2 is the vswitch name

hpvmmodify -P VM -m network:avio_lan:0,1:vswitch:lan2


light UID on ciss0 controlers in HPUX

how to light the hard disk UID (unit identifier) on the ciss
controller (SAS SmartArray P410i RAID Controller) in HPUX:

find the wwn of the drive:
$ sautil /dev/ciss0 -s

$ saconfig /dev/ciss0 -I -p wwn of drive

drive LED will blink for 5 mins


youtube rss feed for video uploads per user/channnel


where <username> is the username of the youtube user


find number of lun paths for emc devices hpux 11.31

here's one way to find the count or total lun paths for each emc device on hpux 11.31 without powerpath.  all it requires is emc solutions enabler or you might be able to adopt this to syminq as well

/usr/symcli/bin/sympd list | grep -i rdisk | awk '{print $1,$2,$3}' | while read dev sym saport
echo lun: $sym  sa-port: $saport  dev: $dev
scsimgr get_info -D $dev | grep -i "LUN path" | grep -E 'LUN path count|Active|Standby|Failed'
done | mailx -r example@example.com -s "`hostname` - Lun Path counts for each device"  me@example.com


fix CDE / XDM after upgrades

fix XDM (XDMCP query)

to fix change the DESKTOP variable to CDE otherwise dtlogin will not start
ch_rc -l -p DESKTOP
ch_rc -a -p DESKTOP=CDE

Also to get the dtlogin process to listen for incoming XDM connections
you need to comment out the Dtlogin.requestPort line (see the comments
in the Xconfig file)

vi /etc/dt/config/Xconfig
#Dtlogin.requestPort: 0

then start it:
/sbin/init.d/dtlogin.rc start


copy depot software to single depot file

swpackage -s /path/to/depot -x target_type=tape -d
/tmp/singledepotfile.depot bundle_or_product_name


-s = source directory path (on depot server)

-d =output file

bundle_or_product_name = bundle / product / patch / depot being
retrieved from the source


cool way to send sms messages from command line


seriously cool way to send text messages via command line, a perl script

getting clipboard sync to work across both chromeOS and crouton


see the part about installing the chrome extension. I can't find it
by using anything other than the direct link. searching the chrome
web store doesn't turn it up.

direct link:


script itanium ILO

to change a large number of itanium ILOs - you will have to create an
"expect" script to power this. You can send ssh command to the ILO
like this:
ssh Admin@iloname.company.com uc -change Admin -password [NEW PASSWORD] -nc

but unfortunately you are still prompted for the ILO password every
connection. Therefore to get this really scripted you need to use

The cpqlocfg utility only works on the proliant ILOs. I didn't think
there was a difference between the Proliant ILO and Integrity ILOs,
but it seems there is quite a bit.

This kind of explains the options:
Scripting Techniques: Integrated Lights Out (iLO & iLO 2) for
Integrity and HP9000 Entry-Level Servers


determine if samba server has registered with wins server

see if the netbios name or alias gets registered:

/opt/samba/bin/nmblookup -R -U wins-server-name netbios-name-to-check

-U is for the wins server name and the last parameter is the netbios
name you are looking for.


chromebook / chrome os switch tabs

Three finger swipe to left or right switches tabs in the browser.


transition from Windows to chromebook keyboards for Chrome remote desktop

transitioning from Windows keyboards to chromebook keyboard is somewhat problematic if you use the windows key when doing chrome remote desktop.

some of this was found by trial and error - others found via the "View Keyboard Overlay":  control + alt + /  somewhere on a native chrome screen.

Here's the deal - on the chromebook keyboard when connected via remote desktop:
the right control key is the "windows" key
use the right control and right alt keys in combination with tab to do the windows "ALT - TAB" sequence
finally to issue the F-keys: use the search key.  For example:  to do a windows ALT-F4 to close an app/window, push this combo:  ALT + search + full screen (or number 4)

Another issue I found was doing page up / page down / home / end keys.  in Chrome Remote Desktop use the search key + right arrow for home ; search + left arrow for end ; search + up for page up ; search + down for page down.

Also to make the remote desktop viewing better I suggest you use "curtain mode" which will require you add the following registry keys and entry:



openvpn and windows 8 fix for "Route: Waiting for TUN/TAP interface to come up..."

Windows 8 and OpenVPN client - doesn't make a true, successful
connection (can't ping, etc). Typically the log file will show
something like this: "Route: Waiting for TUN/TAP interface to come

first, be sure to run the gui as Administrator (shortcut properties
"Advanced" button).

The fix is easy, just open the "Network and Sharing Center" (use the
search function if necessary). Just open it and leave it open -
nothing needs to be done inside it. You can minimize it and continue
to work. Disconnect/re-connect openvpn to test. Is strange, but
works - until the bugs in openvpn or the TAP driver is fixed.


netbackup unix client restore debug log

create a /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/bpcd if it doesn't exist. debug
logs will appear there (not the "status" bplog, but more technical